Friday, March 13, 2009

Fighting Fire With Fire

Taco: I have decided that I am going to fight fire with fire where these remakes are concerned

Coyote: ?

Taco: I'm going to start remaking things back at them
Taco: For my first shot across the bow, I'm remaking Fantasy Island
Taco: Except it's going to take place on one of those skeezy sex resorts in my version
Taco: And instead of a charming, swarthy, latin hunk Mr. Rourke, he's going to be the drunken, abusive, Irish Mr. O'Rourke
Taco: And instead of the dwarf Tattoo, he's going to be a giant Samoan covered in tattoos
Taco: And the fantasies will be granted by an elder forgotten god trapped in the volcano
Taco: He will of course pervert the fantasies so that they come out nothing like the people want
Taco: They'll be lucky the weeks they escape with their lives and sanity
Taco: You see, the islanders will be trying to resurrect their god for vengeance
Taco: Because despite the resort and all the money flowing into it, they are destitute
Taco: And angry

Coyote: ...
Coyote: I kinda wanna see that


E. S. Collins said...

FInally a remake I can get behind. In the dark. With a box of tissues.

Grimmstail said...

Kinda? I totally want to see this? When is the premiere?



makes me think of..Mutidi!