Tuesday, July 27, 2010

620.911738 days

PHONE: Ring. Ring. Hey, Taco, it's that recruiter who has called you eight times today but won't leave a voicemail.

TACO: Hello?

RECRUITER: Yes hello I am speaking to Taco?

TACO: Yep.

RECRUITER: Yes hello Taco I am recruiter I am representing opportunity for 1.7 year contract are you interested?

TACO: The hell?

RECRUITER: Excuse me?

TACO: That's a weird duration for a contract.

RECRUITER: I am sorry?

TACO: How many days are in 1.7 years?

RECRUITER: One year plus seven months.

TACO: No, seven months is 7/12 of a year. Roughly. They vary in length, so it's a pretty terrible unit of measurement. But let's accept it as a basic unit. One year plus seven months is 1 7/12 years. You said 1.7. 1 7/10 years. How many days are in 1.7 years?

RECRUITER: This contract runs from blah blah blah to blah blah blah.

TACO: Ah, I see. That's not 1.7 years.

RECRUITER: No it is for one year and seven months.

TACO: But you said 1.7 years.


TACO: You see my difficulty.

RECRUITER: Sir are you interested?

TACO: How many days are in 1.7 years?

RECRUITER: *click*


E. S. Collins said...

Get your fucking math right you fuckers! Shit like that drives me nuts. Double yay for giving him the business for it.

Matthew said...
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Matthew said...

I think recruiters are about as smart and reliable as sales people (icky), and it frightens me to no end that they are playing with your livelihood. So how's the position is Charlotte looking?

The Taco Prophet said...

I had to decline their offer. I found livers in the gizzards.

fett said...

I...I think I love you.