Monday, May 26, 2008

Taco Spends a Day Off From Work

They turned us loose for Memorial Day. Amazing, really... the rule of thumb where I work is "If you have to ask, you don't get the holiday." Oh well.

What a fucking holiday weekend. Good weekend, just... Taco is le tired.

A buddy of mine got a ridiculously nice television a while back and was looking to unload his old only really awesome television for very little money, so we took him up on it. He had the weekend off so he drove it up here on Friday. I've never been a big TV watcher, but the price was too good to pass up, so we upgraded from our 25" college TV to a 46" high definition monstrosity. I could learn to be a TV guy on a television like this. Well... probably not... but my video games look damn good.

Speaking of which, I've put some miles on Dead Rising now that I have a high def TV (the font doesn't render properly on a regular television, so I've been unable to play it until this weekend). You get to run a bunch of zombies down with a lawn mower in the first 20 minutes or so of the game. I'm not sure there's ever been anything better.

We spent the day shopping. Wifezilla usually meets me for lunch on Mondays, and decided she'd still like to do so... by which she tricked me into hitting the sales. I agreed, somewhat reluctantly. She further bribed me by offering to go to a mediterranean place for lunch, so nom nom nom. Double word score: the store she took me to was having a memorial day sale, and I nabbed a Hurricanes jersey for $20. Not one of the super nice ones, but even so, fuck yeah.

We also hit the thrift store, which is usually just painful, but the book section today contained The Picture of Dorian Gray, Robinson Crusoe, and The Catcher in the Rye. Plus I picked up the latest Weird Tales at Barnes & Noble while we were out that way.

We didn't cook out. Wifezilla is trying to lose some weight, and I could stand to lose a bit myself. We ate turkey and salad instead. The Gods of Summer Holidays will undoubtedly enact punitive measures. I did have beer though, so they might let me by on a technicality. We'll see.

Kidzookie found my copy of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the virtual console today and insisted upon playing it. I told him he was too little to play it, and we had an argument over it that ebbed and flowed for a few hours until I finally broke down and let him play under the condition that he not ask me how to do anything. He's gotten farther than I have in the game now. Go figure.

For about 10 years now I've had the Video Game Chair, a blue canvas camping chair that I use whenever I play games. It's lightweight and folds up to a tiny size, so it's easy to place wherever it's most comfortable to play, and easy to get the hell out of the way when I'm not playing so Wifezilla doesn't kill me. It finally died today while Kidzookie was playing Zelda. Truth told, I probably could have fixed the damn thing, but it's on its last leg anyway, and probably would have broken again within a few weeks. So instead, I insisted upon a quest for a new video game chair.

Wifezilla made the mistake of sending us on our own to replace old reliable. I found a kickass canvas chair complete with footrest and cupholder at the store. This chair is a serious contender for most comfortable seating in the house. Kidzookie mentioned that his own usual gaming chair wasn't comfortable any more (and probably isn't very comfortable, given the amount he's grown in the past year), so I bought him one, too. At this very moment, I'm sitting in mine with a beer in the cupholder, and kidzookie is sitting next to me playing
Zelda, a spill-proof cup of chocolate milk in his. Life is good.

And the dirty looks I expected from Wifezilla? Conspicuously absent: while I was taking the garbage out earlier, she snuck a seating on my chair, and upon my return insisted that I buy her one on my way home from work tomorrow :)


Grimmstail said...

Oh jeez. I'm sorry. I should have told you this earlier, but I assumed that you already knew: Catcher in the Rye sucks more ass than all the mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas in the world suck blood. More than all the black holes in the universe suck up space debris. (Even once you get over the fact that theirs is a gravitational thing and not a sucking action per se.)

Trust me, here. It sucks. Or reams. Whatever.

Karn said...

I will have to agree. I went through "Its a classic, I should read it phase" a few years back. I read this one on a road trip to PA. I guess I just dont get it. In talking to my boss, it seems that it is a very generational thing. If you were born in the 50's/60's it is suppose to make perfect sense. Oh well, I can at least say I have read it.

The Taco Prophet said...

Hmm. I figured I'd give it a go since it's supposed to be a classic. I probably will still try to give it a read once I get that far through my to-read pile... but I guess I won't feel too bad if I don't get very far now :)

Grimmstail said...
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Grimmstail said...

Oh, it is readable enough. There are a couple of words used oddly (at least to my mind.) But the main problem for me is that the main character of the book, the character with whom you spend about 200 pages of your time, the character about whom the book's plot revolves is completely and utterly lacking in redeeming qualities. I found him to be wholly unsympathetic. Just pathetic, really. An ass. A douche. A fucksmear.

Other than that, I found the book to be peachy.

fett said...

Funny, I really liked that book.

suyapi said...


Now -- you will stay in the Comfy Chair until lunch time, with only a cup of coffee at eleven.