Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Diabetic cat is diabetic.


So now we have to feed him prescription cat food. After a month on the (quite expensive) food, they'll test him again, and if it's doing the trick, we're set. If not, we have to go to supplementing the food with shots.


The vet told me on the phone that, on the bright side, "You can tell people you put your pet on the Catkins Diet." I responded automatically with an, "I hate you, Larry." This left the vet confused. :)


fett said...

Actually, from what I just read in the cat books, giving cats shots aren't that bad. They are very tolerant of pain. They are not tolerant of indignity, which is why giving them pills is so much trouble. Of course, it's a cat, so individual mileage may vary.

You know, sometimes I feel like something of a leach in the GP, hanging around sucking up the residual awesome from you people, but I feel gratified to know that I have made at least one lasting contribution to the group with the "I hate you, Larry" -ism.

Larriken said...

Just be glad the vet didn't ask you to bring Twinkie in for a cat scan.

Coz that would be.... obvious?

Fett, I have PLENTY more Larryisms (r)(c)(tm) where that came from.