Thursday, January 29, 2009

God Save the Queen

TACO: [listens to God Save the Queen]

WIFEZILLA: Who is this?

TACO: One of the best punk bands evar.


TACO: ...

WIFEZILLA: My God, that's the most horrible expression I've ever seen.


Tim said...

It's not often i'm rendered speechless. But here it is.

The Taco Prophet said...

She cut me, Tim. She cut me deep.

Hold me close.

suyapi said...

Um, I was looking for a female punk band I'd heard once and stumbled on ninja porn. Punk has some weird powers.

The Taco Prophet said...

Lesson learned. Never underestimate the power of punk. Or porn.

E. S. Collins said...

How about this:

*listening to Johnny Cash*

Coworker: Oh is this John Wayne?

Me: Yeah, it's the true Grit album.

Coworker: Oh right.

Me: ...

Hillery said...

Kat feels your pain. I, of course, am clueless, sorry!