Monday, February 4, 2008

Undone by my own jackassery

Taco: Now I'm giggling at the ongoing gag of the heroine's impotent petulance. I'm totally using that bit in one of the things I make up but don't write one day.

Coyote: Dude, you need to, if you haven't already, start a doc for all your ideas and notes so that when you open googledocs it's always right there, staring at you. Stop having awesome ideas and not doing stuff with them! I command it! Write more, damn it!!

Taco: Dude, you rock. I forgot that I had one of those, so I went off to add that nugget to it and found this one, which I'd forgotten: [removed because of that fucker who keeps stealing my half-finished stuff]

Coyote: Clearly I'm not doing enough begging on the make Taco write more battle front. I'll have to increase my efforts.

Taco: Taco is full of what we in scientific circles call "The Suck."

Coyote: The findings of the council are quite different. You wouldn't want to anger the council would you? They control all the mansex. And cheese. Truly they are powerful and wise.

Taco: *hypothesizes that Taco is full of The Suck*
Taco: *develops an experiment to test this hypothesis*
Taco: *performs said experiment*
Taco: *records findings*
Taco: *checks findings against his hypothesis*
Taco: *finds that, indeed, Taco is Sucktastic*
Taco: Yay for science!

Coyote: I can't help but notice that your findings and the details by which you came to those findings have not been put up for peer review. Also yay for science!

Taco: If I had any peers, I would put it up for their review ^_^

Coyote: Thank you for making my point for me. BOOYA!

Taco: Curse you, Richards!


fett said...

In the words of the immortal Coyote:

"Write more and share more you bitches!

I declare myself exempt from the above rule."

The Taco Prophet said...

Fie on your exemption, for the Pebbleman makes me happy in the pantaloons!

Seriously, I find myself thinking on the story often. I fucking love it.

fett said...

Cause you know the OCD that comes with nerd-dom.


The Taco Prophet said...

I had a new idea last week. Still trying to decide if I like it. I put a google doc together where I vomited forth rough notes so I wouldn't forget the idea. I might share it with you if you keep saying sexy things.

Tim said...



kr4ster said...

Dammit! If you keep "hiding" your "ideas", how will I ever be able to steal them? Now I'll have to go the old-fashioned route and climb in through your window.. er.. to steal your ideas.. yeah.. er..

+1 for random quotes

The Taco Prophet said...

Yay! kr4sterassaults are the best!

I've started trying to be more selective about where I dump my ideas after having someone lift whole paragraphs of one of my favorites. :(

E. S. Collins said...

Who stole from you? Let's call them by name shall we? Let's then go to their house where I will do that thing that I do that normal people find difficult to watch thereby making sure that they never do it again.

As for the post itself and the convo that spawned it:

Hehehehe. Skills, I haz dem.


The Taco Prophet said...

You already know, and admonish me regularly. I'm trying hard not to use the name, though, as odds are fair they might hit my blog, and life could get the bad kind of interesting.

suyapi said...

I declare all you bitches must write more.

This I declare for I am your reading, loving, wannastalkya, public.

And I smell copyright lawsuit...just sayin'

E. S. Collins said...

Oh, that douche. He's on my list already.

fett said...


Also, I may send out a larger round of invites once I actually finish the gorram story. I won't be at work Friday what with the oral surgery so maybe I'll work on it during the day. You know, not play WoW but work on the story. Yeah. That'll happen.