Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Checkered Flag

WIFEZILLA: And then you do this when you finish.

TACO: ...

WIFEZILLA: Are you watching?

TACO: ...


TACO: ...

WIFEZILLA: [mimes]

TACO: We're never having sex again.

WIFEZILLA: Oh, come on. I bet I look funny, too.

TACO: I should've given being gay a chance.

WIFEZILLA: What the hell would that solve?

TACO: Better sexual mechanics. Gay guys wouldn't be able see what ridiculous faces I make when I cross the finish line.


myjoyproject said...


fett said...

TMI Taco is TMI

Now hold still while I show you my O face

suyapi said...

There's still time! Give it a chance!

Also, my word verification is "fisti". Love it.

E. S. Collins said...

I called gay dibs years ago. There is no expiration date on dibs. Respect dibs, bitches.