Friday, November 16, 2007

Their brains are like little sponges.

So I very nearly taught my sweet little daughter the word fuck tonight. Fortunately, I worked harder than I should have this week and managed to turn a simple case of the creeping crud into what now feels suspiciously like bronchitis. The coughing fit that elicited the poetical utterance also rendered it unintelligible.

My daughter now yells, "Ock!" every time something annoys her.


Bluejeangirl said...

"sweet little daughter".. I love that! You are in soooo much trouble bub! I hope I'm still hanging out with you when she's a teenager. :)

E. S. Collins said...

It'll make a nice addition to the song and dance routine.

suyapi said...

That ocking sucks, man, that you're that sick.