Saturday, December 29, 2007

What I Did on My Winter Vacation

  1. Beat Super Mario Galaxy. Emu says he won't recognize the accomplishment until I've rescued every star. For those of you playing the home game, that translates into English as "I'm a whiny bitch who hasn't even managed to kick Bowser's ass yet."
  2. Got to expert mode in Guitar Hero 3. Mother FUCKER, that game gets tough. Fun as hell, though. If you don't strike a proper power stance, you're made of fail, though. I have spoken.
  3. Damn near broke my hand. We took a bunch of shit to GoodWill today. Way more than reasonably fit into the trunk. I was trying to cram a giant box of clothes into the trunk, slipped, and slammed my hand into the frame of the car. Now one of my knuckles is approxmately three times its normal size. But anything that hurts that much is manly, right?
  4. Finally replaced my burned out laptop. I'm a Mac bitch now, which I guess means I get to be even more of a smug, arrogant prick than I already was. I shopped around a bit. Dell's Linux PCs suck ass. Everything else is Vista. Fucked if Vista's touching one of my machines. So I took the plunge. So far, I'm digging on it, but there's a lot to get used to.
  5. Fixed my electric guitar. One of my pickups actually fell out of the fucking thing while I was practicing the other day. Fixing the stupid thing turned out to be fairly simple, but I didn't have any spare strings (again). Fixing it without removing the strings was more interesting. This is where I do the Tim Allen grunt, right?
  6. Finished Olympos. Spelling, grammatical, and continuity errors aside, hot damn, Dan Simmons can tell an awesome fucking story. Read it. Now. God damn.
  7. Read I Am Legend. Wifezilla was awesome enough to give it to me for Christmas. The short story was fucking awesome. After reading it, I couldn't imagine Hollywood being brave enough to stick to the real story (plus, I had no self-control), so I read a plot synopsis of the movie on Wikipedia. I've lost all interest in the flick. Go read the short story, though. Srsly. Fux.
  8. Started Bloodsucking Fiends. That book is a bitch to find. Nobody fucking stocks it. I've held off on reading the sequel (despite the awesomeness of overlapping a scene from A Dirty Job) because it's not in goddamn stores and I hate people so I couldn't buy it. Wifezilla ordered it through one of the bookstores hereabouts, so she fucking rocks. Also, Christopher Moore is the funniest son of a bitch currently walking the earth. You're allowed to disagree, but only because you're allowed to be wrong.
  9. Didn't rake the yard. Because fuck. Srsly.


kr4ster said...

Illium and Olympos were a great set of books. Editing errors aside, the series is good enough that it's tough for me to distinguish which part of the story was in which book. I like Dan Simmons.. his books tend to be insightful and well thought-out..

I saw "I am Legend" last weekend.. I haven't read the short-story, but the movie wasn't bad. There was one really, really, sad part, and the end wasn't exactly what I thought it'd be. There was one huge inconsistency that threw me off, but still not a bad movie.

The Taco Prophet said...

I haven't seen the movie version of I Am Legend, so take my spewage with a grain of salt... but having read the short story and a synopsis of the movie... read the short story. It's relatively short (I knocked it out in one sitting), and FAR superior.

E. S. Collins said...

Kudos for your accomplishments! Particularly the book related ones as I agree with/have read all of them.

This is actually I Am Legend's third go as a movie. The Last Man On Earth, Omega Man and now I Am Legend. I've seen all three and all three fail on multiple levels. This last one, while a good enough popcorn flick, fails on many levels in comparison to the yay of the source material.

Also, you should have told me you couldn't find Bloodsucking Fiends. Somehow I ended up with two and would have been happy to send you one.

As for Dan Simmons, his last book, The Terror, will be on my forthcoming best of list. Get it. Love it. You're welcome.

The Taco Prophet said...

It's all good. I have a copy of Bloodsucking Fiends now, and started tearing through it at breakneck speed just this eventide. I'll pick up the sequel as soon as I finish it. I really need to email Moore and gush at him. As soon as I can get over the embarrassment of being a fanboy.

As for Simmons, the fact that I gush over it despite all the errors is really saying something. God damn, the story was awesome. Geek porn to be sure, but fuck. Get it. Read it. You'll thank me.

Tim said...

I've done very little on my winter vacation.
Aside from holiday stuff, my big accomplishment was to drink myself into a stupor the past two nights. Go me.

Bluejeangirl said...

Swear to fucking God if you bring your Mac to work OR talk about it with any of them, I'm closing my door for the day. Fuck.

As for the rest, you rock obviously.

The Taco Prophet said...

I've got about... hmmm... carry the one... zero intention of bringing it up. Fucked if I want to hear it.

Chalk up another accomplishment. Finally installed the new light harness at the top of the stairs for wifezilla. God DAMN the previous owners fucked that light up. Shit.

Bluejeangirl said...

Yay for the light and not bringing up the topic of the Mac at work. You just know they'd never let it go and of course, you'd have to hear all of the helpful things that someone else has already discovered.

It's making me itch just thinking about it.