Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Party at Taco's House

So my father in law came up for his every-third-week chemo last night. Today was the appointment. They checked him out and declared that he no longer requires the chemo treatments. No word yet on whether he'll have to undergo the radiation treatment at the end. I think we find that out tomorrow.

Pants off dance off at Taco's house. Yay!


E. S. Collins said...


*makes with the dancing*

Bluejeangirl said...

Wahoo!!!! Does the happy dance for the dad in law!

Send our congrats along to him. :)

suyapi said...

Fabulous good stuff!

Larriken said...

Excellent news! We'll raise a toast to your Dad-in-law's recovery.

And by toast I mean beer. We're all done with the French Toast thing.