Tuesday, October 27, 2009

20 Questions (+/- 15)

WIFEZILLA: Why is the dog staring at me like that?

TACO: Because you have cheese.

WIFEZILLA: Why is the dog staring at me because I have cheese.

TACO: Because he's waiting for you to give him a slice.

WIFEZILLA: Why is the dog waiting for me to give him a slice of cheese?

TACO: Because he likes cheese.

WIFEZILLA: How does the dog know he likes cheese?

TACO: Because I give him a slice of cheese whenever I get one.

WIFEZILLA: Why do you give the dog cheese?

TACO: Because you told me to stop giving him dog treats.


1 comment:

Karn said...

Sounds like my dad. My dog (well now my parent's dog) was staying with them while I was trying to sell my place. I came home for Christmas or some such. We were eating some ice cream when I noticed my dog was sitting at my dad's feet. He looks at me, winks, and says want to see a new trick. He then shows me that my dog (who had never had people food before) now knows how to eat ice cream from a spoon. Thanks dad.