Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wifezilla is awesome.

We traded stories about our days when I got home from work. My story was pretty boring.

Wifezilla, on the other hand, regaled me with the tale of her shopping trip. She parked and was getting Girlzookie out of the car when she noticed two children in the car parked next to her. Alone. One was an infant in a car seat, and the other was a toddler.

She was concerned, was our heroine, so she stood around for about a bit to see if Lousymom showed back up. When 15 minutes failed to produce Lousymom, Wifezilla called the highway patrol, who advised her to call 911. She promptly did so, and left them her name and number.

They dispatched a cop, and Wifezilla didn't hang around for the fireworks once he showed up. He did call her a bit later to thank her for the report. Not only were the children left alone in the car, but it turns out the doors were all left unlocked as well. He apparently managed to track the mother down in a nearby restaurant, and yelled at Lousymom until she cried. While no charges were pressed, it apparently does go on her permanent record, so to speak. I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I readily admit to some significant schadenfreude where the crying is concerned.

I wish I could buy the cop a beer. Instead, when I buy Wifezilla a beer for being awesome, I guess we'll raise the first glasses to him.


Hillery said...

I really hope "it goes on her record" includes a report to Child Services! Thank god Michelle was observant!

Karn said...

Really? An infant? I can understand an 8+ year old. Hell, I would get my parents keys and wait in the car while they were shopping or some such. Of course, I am a fat kid, so no way I leave them in a restaurant. Admittedly this was the 1980's in Columbia. I don't think I would get away with that today.